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Top Industries for Machine Learning

Machine learning is changing the technology landscape rapidly, and already several industries are on-board with this transformative innovation. As artificial intelligence develops, it is expected that AI will feature prominently in a wide variety of businesses, but the burgeoning technology is already involved intimately with several important industrial fields.


If there is one area of life in which artificial intelligence would seem to fit naturally it is surely education. Classroom settings are already frequented by a huge amount of technological innovation, so it is only natural for schools, colleges, and universities to embrace machine learning as well.

Artificial intelligence offers massive benefits to learning establishments, with the potential for intelligent machines to accurately evaluate the performance of students. Intelligent tutor systems such as AutoTutor are already assisting teachers to get the best out of some of the world’s brightest young people.

Transport and Logistics

With self-driving cars having already generating a significant amount of media attention, it seems inevitable that the transport and logistics industry will hugely benefit from machine learning.

Autonomous vehicles will have a massive impact on the operations of such giant corporations as UPS, while occupations such as taxi driving may also be affected. With the logistics industry worth over $700 billion in the United States alone, the disruptive influence of machine learning is set to radically alter the overall economic landscape, particularly as driverless vehicles go online.


Healthcare is one area in which intelligent machines are already having a significant impact. Robot surgeons are already present within clinical environments, with Intuitive Surgical Inc’s robotic laparoscopic surgery system da Vinci one such example.

Google has also signed a major deal with the British NHS healthcare system, with the intention of utilizing its artificial intelligence in clinical settings. Virtual doctors delivered in app form will also help lighten the load on general practitioners.

Overall, it seems that machine learning will have a surgical, organisational and consulting role to play in the future healthcare system.


Understanding customers and customer behaviour is obviously central to virtually every industry, and this is another aspect of business in which artificial intelligence is already prominent. Machine learning can play a major role in developing the sort of content that marketers should utilize, while it can also help profile customers and important demographics.

Another widespread use of artificial intelligence is in the form of chatbots, which engage with customers on websites. And AI algorithms already power such sites as Facebook,YouTube and Netflix, in order to match content with the preferences of individual users.

Financial Services

Finally, finance has already made headlines for utilizing algorithmic traders in the stock market. The financial service system of the future may also incorporate advisors based on machine learning technology. It is already known that AI will make it possible to assess risk far more accurately than via traditional methods, and this is undoubtedly something that the banking industry will embrace enthusiastically.

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